Who We Are

We believe that one of the most important choices we make is how we choose to spend the days of our lives. We have designed Sera4 to be a place that our people will want to choose every day. This is why we set the mission of the company: To create the best possible employee experience, every day.

We believe that our best days are filled by worthy challenges with the flexibilities and opportunities to overcome them. We measure experience in specific ways:


We could have chosen easier jobs at larger companies, but it’s too easy to get lost in a big organization. Even worse, we could waste our time doing things that don’t matter for bosses who don’t understand. At Sera4, everyone’s impact can be felt. It’s important that everyone is connected to the impact they make, whether that be to the results of the company or to the change that our solutions make in the world.


A small company offers a healthy selection of challenges across broad domains. Employees have the opportunity to engage with any of them. We often hear that they employees more in a few months at Sera4 than they did in a few years in a larger company.  For our technical developers, we are working on some of the most cutting-edge cloud technologies. One of the few iron-clad promises we give to people who join us is that you won’t be bored.


We consider our time in thirds: a third for sleeping, a third for working and a third for everything else. We support all of these parts, and we give all employees the freedom to strike their own balance. We celebrate results, not office hours. That’s why we don’t host catered dinners designed to keep you late into the evening. We want you to also spend time with friends, family and hobbies.

Interested to Join?

As we continue to scale our team, we are actively looking for the brightest and most passionate professionals to join us on our journey upward.  If you are interested in exploring a career at Sera4, check out our current openings and reach out to us at [email protected]. Tell us about yourself and why you think Sera4 would be a good fit.

At Sera4 we understand and value diversity in our employees and are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We hire the best talent regardless of gender, national origin, disability or race. If you require accommodation at any time during the recruitment process please email [email protected].