Software platform that connects to your locks to control access to your sites.

keyless access control for telecom AX5 teleporte network
Standard Enterprise ACaaS
Key Service      
Real Time Access Logs      
Teleporte Admin Interface      
FAQ, KB Access      
Server Updates      
Access Logs Record Retention (years) 1.5 3 3
Offline Lock Access      
Teleporte Smartphone App (iOS, Android)      
Tags & Lock Groups      
Site Management      
Site Assurance    
Failsafe Unlock    
Teleporte API    
Photos / Notes Records    
High-Security Modes    
Extended Warranty  
Hardware Included  

Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) is supported in specific geographies and delivered through qualified channel partners. This innovative approach does not require the up-front purchase of locks or lock controllers. Contact us for availability.

Teleporte Server
Teleporte Server Map

Optimize your Operations

Issue and revoke thousands of digital keys efficiently and in real-time through our user friendly interface.

Enhance your Audit Trails

Generate reliable access reports to know who, where and when.

Integrate to your own Systems

Integrate Teleporte seamlessly with your own monitoring and ticketing platforms and generate business intelligence.

Eliminate Physical Keys

Use the Teleporte app to download digital keys to open Sera4 locks securely with your smartphone.

Protect your Data

Authenticate users to their smartphones and independently to the server. Rely on phones that respond to key creation and cancelation in real time.

Automate and Enrich

Maximize the potential of smart features in smartphones such as GPS, camera and biometrics.

keyless access control teleporte app
Digital Security
Sera4 Digital Security
Sera4 Digital Security - TLS 1.2 and ECC 192 bit

Trust your data

Teleporte has a unique and patented security architecture that does not rely on typical Bluetooth encryption methods.

No single points of failure

Sera4 off-the-grid access points only unlock on short-range proximity requests.

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