Keyless Access Control for Utilities

Sera4 provides secure, scalable, and reliable keyless access control solutions to bring enterprise-grade security to critical infrastructure and remote sites for utilities providers.

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Assure Compliance

  • Issue and revoke digital keys to employees and contractors
  • Enable dual-authentication unlock to prevent employees and contractors from working solo
  • Mitigate risk by securing structures, such as rooftops and ladders
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Rich Operational Insights

  • Know who is accessing which assets, and when, across all sites
  • Maintain automated audit trails of accesses and attempts
  • Reconcile logged events against invoices to maintain accurate billing records

“Being able to issue an electronic key for a contractor 200 miles away…is a much better experience for us, our contractors, and ultimately our customers. We can get the critical infrastructure that our customers rely on back up and running faster. We love that Sera4 is scalable. Whether we need 12 locks or 1,200, we know we’re getting a full-featured solution at a predictable, transparent price.”

– Manager of Innovation Initiatives, Utilities (Canada)

How It Works

Powered by Teleporte

Sera4’s complete solution for enterprise access control.

keyless access control for utilities

Optimize Your Operations

Increase operational efficiency with our portfolio of cloud-based access control software and hardware solutions.

Real-time access control

Lower service costs and increase capacity and speed by issuing electronic keys, in real time, to provide access to critical infrastructure.

Identity management

No more anonymous access. Gain insights into who accessed your site, when they accessed it, and how long they were there.

Trusted access logs

Generate reliable access reports to understand both authorized accesses and unauthorized access attempts across sites.

Eliminate Physical Keys

Use the Teleporte app to provision users with digital keys to open Sera4 locks securely with a mobile device.

Protect Your Data

Authenticate users to their mobile device and independently to the server. Rely on phones that respond to key creation and cancelation in real time.

Automate and Enrich Your Access Control Solution

Maximize the potential of mobile device smart features such as GPS, camera, and biometrics.

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