Keyless Access Control for Traffic

Sera4 provides secure, scalable, and reliable keyless access control solutions to bring bank-grade security to critical traffic infrastructure.

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Purpose-Built for Traffic Control Cabinets

  • Pair with electronic locks to secure critical traffic infrastructure
  • Leverage mobile devices for keyless access
  • Issue and revoke keys instantly from Teleporte
  • Deliver bank-grade security to traffic control assets
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Use Your Data to Optimize Your Operations

  • Track maintenance and repair calls with automated access logs
  • Maintain compliance with legislation with defensible access control records
  • Identify opportunities for operational efficiencies with insights from Teleporte

Secured by Teleporte

Teleporte is our keyless access management platform, consisting of mobile apps, cloud servers and embedded electronics to securely issue and revoke digital keys. Efficiently capture the data being captured at your physical sites to gain operational insights, maintain compliance, and optimize processes.

Optimize Your Operations

Increase operational efficiency with our portfolio of cloud-based access control software and Teleporte-enabled hardware.

Authenticate Identity

+ Manage identity and access across large teams and contractor networks
+ Assure desired behaviour by matching access with identity

One Solution, Many Access Points

+ Simplified purchase, integration, and management
+ Seamless end-user experience
+ Scalable as your needs change

Maintain Compliance

+ Mitigate risk of non-compliance with regulatory requirements and internal processes
+ Be confident in your compliance with identity confirmation and automated access logs for every interaction with Sera4-enabled access points

Upgrade Electronic Locks

Transform existing electronic keyed locks to keyless locks

Best-in-Class Security

Gain the convenience of mechanical keys without sacrificing security and alleviate concerns about assets being compromised with lock controllers that are thoughtfully designed for security

Guaranteed Reliability

Designed to work seamlessly for application in areas with unreliable power or network connectivity, with dual-backup power support

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