Cerraduras Y Controladores

Nuestras soluciones de hardware permiten que nuestros clientes conecten sus cerraduras físicas a nuestra solución de control de acceso Teleporte.

Hardware Inteligente

Candado Armored

Este candado industrial viene listo para ser monitoreado y controlado desde nuestra red Teleporte.

Minimum Maintenance.

Integrated battery that lasts 5 years

Rugged Industrial Design

Boron-doped hardened steel shackle and weather resistant for outdoor use.

Detect Who and When

Better auditing through integrated sensors that detect when the
shackle is open or closed.

Controladores Inteligentes


Transforme cerraduras electromecánicas en cerraduras inteligentes para conectarlas a la red Teleporte

Redundant Design

Support for multiple backup power inputs and external sensors.

Secure for Enterprise

Only unlocks on short-range proximity requests, encrypted with 192-bit ECC.

Choose your Lock

Choose any type of lock that better fits your needs and make it
smart by integrating our controller.

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