Cerento Selects Teleporte Keyless Access Control to Centralize Access Management

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, June 1, 2022 – Cerento Inc., an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Company headquartered in Riverton, WY, has selected Sera4’s Teleporte keyless platform to provide centralized management for site access and security.

Cerento designs, installs and maintains a variety of customer fixed wireless, microwave and fiber optic networks across the US. Part of Cerento’s core offering is a network management service, which monitors and maintains client networks ensuring reliable service around the clock.

Site and service maintenance often requires immediate physical access. Before adopting Teleporte, Cerento customers struggled with site access and security.   Access codes were lost, locks were being cut and delays were caused by access issues to critical network infrastructure.

Teleporte keyless access has resolved those persistent issues. Sera4 armored keyless padlocks were installed at all critical access points. These are easily reassigned from one point to another as requirements demand. Without having to coordinate physical keys to enter sites, Cerento freed up more time to work on other projects and issues.

“The Sera4 Teleporte access control solution has streamlined our site security and access.  We have been able to easily and cost effectively adapt our existing locks with the Sera4 locks and onboarding the new systems into Teleporte is easy and quick!” says Kim Kobbe, President of Cerento. “We were up and running with it in no time.”

With the access problems addressed, Kobbe described how Cerento found added value in not having to rekey locks anymore. Cerento has also been able to optimize their operations further based on profiled access data collected over time.

Sera4 protects critical infrastructure in remote places around the globe. Teleporte, Sera4’s keyless platform for physical access control, is both easy to use and highly secure. Operating across four continents, Sera4 provides security and identity control for some of the world’s largest service providers.

“It is a privilege to work with and support Cerento’s organization with Teleporte keyless access,” says Eric Corej, VP of Global Sales at Sera4. “We are designed for telecom infrastructure service for harsh locations and for harsh climates, which meets the requirements for Cerento’s applications. It means a lot to us to create real value as we solve problems in the broadband space.”

For more information about Sera4 access control solutions or to learn about partnering with Sera4, please visit https://www.sera4.com

Sera4 Joins ALAS

La Asociación Latinoamericana de Seguridad ALAS, es el grupo de empresas líderes en la industria de la seguridad con alcance en Latinoamérica y El Caribe; en esta asociación convergen Fabricantes, Distribuidores, Integradores, Proveedores de Servicios, Profesionales de la Industria y Clientes Finales.

Ser parte de este exclusivo grupo de compañías nos permitirá aportar al crecimiento y mejora de las prácticas empresariales en aspectos de seguridad y mantenernos actualizados de las necesidades y nuevas oportunidades en el mercado. 

Con una base de datos de más de 70.000 inscritos, un alcance regional y socios estratégicos, podremos posicionarnos como la marca líder en el control de acceso sin llave y participar de la especialización y el crecimiento de la industria de la seguridad en todo Latinoamérica.

Sera4 is now proud to be a Plus member of the ALAS community.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Sera4 is, first and foremost, an information security company. Earlier this year, we achieved ISO 27001 certification to demonstrate our commitment to cybersecurity. That project involved adapting all our company processes to match cyber-secure best practices. But we didn’t stop there.

We’ve also recognized the need for cyber-certified personnel to ensure we have the necessary expertise on staff. We’re proud to announce that we now have a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) on our team at Sera4.

What does CEH mean and do for our organization?

Ethical hackers (or white-hats) focus heavily on the hackers perspective. In the cyber world, we have primarily those who hack people (called the red team) and those who defend and fortify against them (called the blue team). The blue team learns both the toolsets and the perspectives of hackers and learn and constantly apply blue team logic to red team activities. Ethical hackers are blue team. They spend time actively doing reconnaissance activities, learning about new ways to break into a system, and then put up barriers to defend against them.

Ethical hackers certifications are another way that Sera4 continues to raise the bar on security and defence. When combined with penetration testing, this approach provides the best overall end-to-end security. We’re actively staying ahead of the pervasive threats that are becoming more common every day.

To learn more about CEH and understand why it should be a requirement for any connected service today, contact us.

Sera4 exhibiting at CannaCon 2022

Sera4 will be exhibiting at CannaCon 2022 this Thursday and Friday in Oklahoma together with our friends from PSA. The cannabis industry has strict requirements on controlling access to plants and products. Teleporte also generates the required trusted access audit trails automatically.

Please stop by and say hello if you are at the show.

Clearwater County Selects Teleporte Keyless Access Control to Secure Broadband Assets

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Clearwater County, a rural community in Alberta, Canada, has selected Sera4’s Teleporte keyless platform to provide secure, scalable, and simple access control for its Broadband Internet assets.

Clearwater County’s Broadband Internet Project aims to deliver high-speed Internet connectivity to the residents and businesses in the county. Most of the County is under-served by available internet services, especially those that meet the standards of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) standards for broadband speeds. This multi-year initiative requires the establishment of a high-capacity broadband backbone structure throughout the County, which has required new critical infrastructure and cooperation between the County and internet service providers (ISPs) and wireless internet service providers (WISPs).

Clearwater County covers an area of almost 18,700 km2 and the infrastructure supporting the Broadband Internet Project is spread across the County. With some sites located hundreds of kilometres from the County’s central administration offices, issuing physical keys to employees, contractors, and service providers was logistically challenging. While the sites themselves are open access, the County shares secure facilities with the ISPs and WISPs, and different keys need to be issued to different technicians and contractors to service the infrastructure. Tim Quinn, Broadband Technologist at Clearwater County, wanted to eliminate key and pass card management altogether, and sought a solution that would allow his team to grant and revoke access to various users, as needed, without having to travel to remote sites.

“Teleporte provides a unified platform that makes it easier to manage access throughout the broadband network, and saves us the time, effort, and cost related to lost keys, changing locks, or replacing access cards,” says Quinn.

Clearwater County trialed Teleporte-enabled lock controllers on a shelter in Ferrier, Alberta. Quinn was impressed that the solution stood up to the harsh conditions of a Canadian winter, and they built two new shelters with lock controllers pre-installed. The plans for expansion of the Teleporte solution include swing handles with lock controllers on the client side, allowing ISPs to access their cabinet bays, and Teleporte-enabled padlocks on the site gates. This deployment approach will assure a fully keyless workflow at the site, which delivers operational efficiency, and will provide detailed access logs, which contributes to site security.

“Teleporte is easy to configure and allows us to provide short- or long-term access to different sites, locks, and doors, all through the same platform,” says Quinn. “We can issue and revoke keys from anywhere. If someone leaves the County, or an ISP, or a supplier has a technician leave the company, it’s easy to remove them from the platform. That’s worth its weight in gold”.

Clearwater County has also found that using Teleporte adds an additional layer of safety for contractors and technicians. “When we send out a work order, we know when the technician arrives and leaves,” says Quinn. “This is important when we’re sending people to remote sites; if someone doesn’t show up or lock up as expected, it gives us a heads up that we should check on them.”

Sera4 protects critical infrastructure in remote places around the globe. Teleporte, Sera4’s keyless platform for physical access control, is both easy to use and highly secure. Operating across four continents, Sera4 provides security and identity control for some of the world’s largest service providers.

“We are thrilled to work with Clearwater County, and it’s a privilege to serve and support projects that help enable the delivery of Broadband Internet,” says Eric Corej, VP of Global Sales at Sera4. “We look forward to working with Tim as he expands the use of Teleporte throughout the County, and we’re proud to provide a solution he can count on to keep the residents and businesses of Clearwater County connected.”

For more information about Sera4 access control solutions or to learn about partnering with Sera4, please visit https://www.sera4.com

AP Towers Selects Teleporte Keyless Access Control to Secure Telecom Towers

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, February 8, 2022 – AP Towers, a telecommunications tower and other passive telecommunications infrastructure provider in Myanmar, has selected Sera4’s keyless access control solution, Teleporte, to provide secure, reliable, and scalable access control to its telecommunications tower and other assets. 

Paul Jacob, Operations Manager at AP Towers Myanmar, lead the implementation of Teleporte. “The most compelling feature (of Teleporte) is the use of a mobile application to lock and unlock the padlock. This eliminates the use of physical keys,” says Jacob. “The mobile app also eliminates the challenges associated with key management. When users request a key from the Operation Centre, it’s easy to issue an electronic key via Teleporte and provide the appropriate access.”  

Sera4 AP3 padlock securing gate on AP Towers Myanmar assets

Teleporte also provides AP Towers with the insights needed for operational improvements. “Through the integration of Sera4 to our net map, our Operations team is able to see, in real-time, anyone accessing our sites, and the time and durations of the visits,” says Jacob. “The access logs generated by Teleporte help us analyze our planned activities and gives the Operations team the data to make improvements.” 

Sera4 protects critical infrastructure in remote places around the globe. Teleporte, Sera4’s keyless platform for physical access control, is both easy to use and highly secure. Operating across four continents, Sera4 provides security and identity control for some of the world’s largest service providers.  

“We’re thrilled to partner with AP Towers to provide a simple, secure, and reliable solution that helps them protect critical infrastructure and serve their customers better,” says David Coode, CEO at Sera4. “We love that AP Towers is leveraging the insights and access logs delivered by Teleporte. That’s what we’re really selling—identity intelligence.” 

“AP Towers aims to be the number one tower company in Myanmar,” says Jacob. “We’ll accomplish this by using all the latest technology, including the keys that secure our infrastructure.” 

For more information about Sera4 access control solutions or to learn about partnering with Sera4, please visit https://www.sera4.com 

Sera4 Achieves ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certification

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 26, 2022/EINPresswire.com/ — Sera4, a keyless access control solution provider, today announced it has achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification, demonstrating its commitment to the highest levels of information security management. The certification was issued by NQA, following a detailed and comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS) audit.

“Security is in our DNA,” says Jerod Klink, Chief Technology Officer at Sera4. “One of the key values of the access control platform we offer our customers is security, and achieving ISO certification demonstrates that our customers can be as confident in the security of their information as they are in the security of their critical infrastructure and assets. We’re committed to maintaining a robust ISMS that aligns to global best practices and standards for information security.”

Led by a cross-functional team, Sera4’s certification was a 16-month process. “We’re proud of everyone in the organization who contributed to this achievement,” says David Coode, Chief Executive Officer at Sera4. “We’ve always believed that digital security is at least as important as physical security, and this certification reflects our commitment.”

ISO 27001:2013 is the international standard that provides a framework for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) to provide continued confidentiality, integrity and availability of information as well as legal compliance. Undertaking ISO 27001 certification helps mitigate the risk associated with customer and legal requirements such as the GDPR and potential security threats including: cyber crime, personal data breaches, vandalism / terrorism, fire / damage, misuse, theft and viral attacks.

About Sera4
Sera4 protects critical infrastructure in remote places around the globe. Sera4’s keyless platform for physical access control is both easy to use and highly secure. Operating across four continents, Sera4 provides security and identity control for some of the world’s largest service providers. To learn more about Sera4, visit www.sera4.com.

Schneider Electric Power Field Service Selects Teleporte Keyless Access Control to Secure Critical Assets

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 13, 2022 — Schneider Electric Power Field Service, based in Canada, has selected Sera4’s keyless access control solution, Teleporte, to secure its critical field assets.

Schneider Electric provides digital energy and automation solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industry. The Power Field Service at Schneider Electric is responsible for the modernization and maintenance of existing electrical infrastructure and new installations, along with automations and energy management.

Schneider Electric selected Teleporte to address a unique challenge. The Power Field Service uses a state-of-the-art 3D scanner to collect inputs into engineering designs. The scanner is shipped to different regions around Canada, and the Operations team was struggling to find a solution to secure the Pelican case that holds the 3D scanner, without requiring a physical key to be mailed in a separate shipment.

A Teleporte-enabled padlock solved this problem for the Power Field Service Operations team. Administrators can issue digital keys via Teleporte, allowing the recipient of the 3D scanner to open the padlock via Bluetooth. In addition to the ease of access to the scanner case, the padlock and Teleporte provide more administrative control to the Operations team, giving them insights into where the asset is and who’s in possession of it, at any time.

Ivan Filipic, Director, Ecofit Canada at Schneider Electric Field Service, led the selection process for Teleporte. “Sera4’s access control solution is an example of how our society is going through a digital transformation,” says Filipic. “This solution solves our access control issues, and allows us to secure high-value and sensitive equipment or installations.”

Sera4 protects critical infrastructure and assets around the world. Teleporte, Sera4’s keyless platform for physical access control, is easy to use, highly secure, and offers best-in-class reliability. Operating across four continents, Sera4 provides security and identity control for some of the world’s largest essential service providers.

“We’re thrilled to provide the Schneider Electric Field Service group with a simple, secure, reliable solution to secure their 3D scanner and other high-value equipment,” says Eric Corej, VP of Global Sales at Sera4. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with Schneider Electric and working with them to secure their most critical assets.”

For more information about Sera4 access control solutions or to learn about partnering with Sera4, please visit https://www.sera4.com.

Introducing AP3T

Our first markets of CALA and Africa are really rough places. Our customers really care about physical security. Everything is built tough, and it’s normal for thieves and vandals to bring dedicated equipment to break into locks. We started with the AP3 padlock, with a 10mm boron steel shackle. This shackle is tougher than most of the things it secures, so thieves usually end up going after fences, hinges, hasps, or other weak points near the padlock. We don’t often hear a customer in those markets say “your shackle is too thick”.

When we introduced the long shackle, it was just as tough with 10mm boron steel as well. It was designed for applications where the extra length facilitated getting the padlock off and on based on hasp design.

As we expand across North America, we recognize that access control is often about compliance and ensuring that workflows follow the right steps, and are reported correctly, rather than about raw physical toughness. That’s not to say tough is bad, but sometimes the hasps just need a smaller shackle in order to fit. 8-10mm hasp diameters are common in Canada and the US.

We’re introducing the AP3T, a thin-shackle version of the AP3, to address these needs with compatible options for our customers. This makes it easy to add more points to the Teleporte keyless access control network without expensive and inconvenient retrofits.

AP3 with 10mm Boron Shackle on the left. AP3T with 7mm stainless shackle on the right.

In addition to the new AP3T, we’re also offering new add-ons, such as accessories for confined spaces, to ensure that, with Teleporte, you can secure almost any physical asset. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about our line of hardware accessories.

Our goal is to provide a unified access control solution to our customers, to help them secure all their physical assets through a single secure, reliable, and simple platform. We’ve learned that many customers can benefit from a mix of boron, long and thin shackles, as well as our unlock controllers to enable a comprehensive keyless access control solution without a lot of retrofitting.

To learn more, book a demo or reach out to [email protected].

Sera4 Exhibiting at Expo Seguridad 2021

Because of the pandemic, it has been a very long time since we exhibited on a tradeshow floor. We couldn’t be more excited to be back! Come and visit us Tuesday through Thursday next week in Mexico City at the Expo Seguridad tradeshow. We’ll be exhibiting together with our local Mexican partner Protelecom at booth 1628.