RFID Badge and Card vs. Mobile Credentials

RFID cards and employee badges with RFID capability are ubiquitous. When we moved into our current office, the building came equipped with an RFID card access control system. We moved in during the pandemic when all but essential staff were working from home, meaning that installing our own Teleporte access control system was a lower priority and didn’t happen for several months. We understood first-hand how much more convenient it was to never have to worry about lost or misplaced cards once we migrated to Teleporte.

At the same time, we hadn’t fully appreciated the security risks that the RFID system had. On our journey toward ISO 27001, we catalogued all our risks. Key cutters are available at local hardware stores and with locksmiths available everywhere, but most people don’t know that RFID cards are just as easy as metal keys to copy or share. Not all digital access control systems are created equal.

RFID Card Cloning kits are relatively easy to procure

Upgrading your Digitized Access

Some digital access systems are

  • much more secure than others;
  • more convenient than others to install and integrate;
  • more user-friendly for whoever needs to get in the door or the gate;
  • easier to monitor and assign access.

You may want to consider upgrading a door on RFID to mobile credentials for all these good reasons. We often recommend running both systems concurrently for a while as the users adjust to the new system. Over weeks or months, users will surrender their cards. This can facilitate a smooth change to the new system. In fact, that’s what we did at our office, which has been the first intensive real-world test of our new SLC2 Lock Controller.

Contact us if you want to discuss your access control system’s evolution. If you’d rather just tune in and listen to stories of what can happen when you don’t maintain your security systems, you may enjoy this podcast.

Dronedek to offer secure keyless access control with Sera4

WATERLOO, ON – August 29, 2022 – Dronedek, known for its automated “mailbox of the future”, a device that secures and temperature-protects traditionally or autonomously delivered food, mail and packages from any delivery service, today announced their partnership with keyless access control provider Sera4.

“We’re locking arms with technology leaders like Sera4 to help build a robust ecosystem for our users,” said Dronedek Chairman and CEO, Dan O’Toole. “Through this partnership, Dronedek will have a secure way to grant temporary access to delivery and pickups services by issuing digital keys.”

O’Toole said there are several benefits to keyless access control including speed, convenience, and flexibility. “Additionally, in keyless systems, users don’t need to carry badges, keys, or fobs. This is especially important in an increasingly contactless and post-pandemic world.”

In the future, Sera4 may provide Dronedek with additional features beyond keyless access control. The company also offers market-leading software and hardware, connecting a network of controlled access through smart digital and physical locks.

“We are excited to be a member of Dronedek’s distinguished partner portfolio,” said Sera4 VP of Global Sales, Eric Corej. “The Sera4 Teleporte platform is a scalable and end-to-end encrypted keyless access control solution which provides secure and reliable access to the Dronedek through the use of a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet.”

Dronedek plans to integrate Sera4 mobile access control in select phases of upcoming pilot programs. Recently, the company completed the first phase of its inaugural pilot in Lawrence, Indiana, where, for the first time in the world that First-Class mail was delivered to Dronedek smart mailboxes by USPS mail carriers, as well as one of Indiana’s first drone deliveries of a McDonald’s Big Mac and french fries.

Sera4 recognized by Softguard as Partner

Sera4 was recognized today as an official technology partner by Softguard. We are proud to partner on security solutions with them, focused on our Latin American customer.

This integration facilitates more options to integrate into security ecosystems easily for our customers, with benefits such as real-time notifications from Teleporte and dynamic reporting.