Download with Confidence

We write all our own software at Sera4.

We choose to do it because we believe this is the best way to ensure both the security of the platform and the best possible user experience. Not all keyless access control providers insource their app development or software engineering resources. We believe that the risks are too high to save money like that.

There are some things you can look at before downloading an app that can give you some clues to how well-designed and maintained it is.

  • How recent was the latest update? Operating systems constantly change and security threats evolve. Apps need to be constantly updated to keep pace. We suggest that an app that hasn’t been updated within the last 4 months has been suffering for lack of attention.
  • How many downloads does it have? This can give a good sense of how much real-world use this mobile app has seen. Apps with recent Release Dates or few downloads may still have some bugs to work out.
  • How big is it? Bigger downloads are often a result of the inclusion of cross-platform libraries, media or extra code. All this extra code can present added attack surface. Besides, who wants to run out of phone memory faster?
Teleporte on Google Play — captured on April 11, 2022.

And, of course, take a look at the ratings and reviews in the app store, and decide for yourself.

If you’d like to learn more about how we design the app, our embedded code, our cloud servers for security from the ground up, contact us.

PS. Of course, we code our embedded firmware and cloud servers 100% in-house at Sera4 as well, and our apps are coded natively and independently for Android and for iOS.

Keyless Network and Server Cabinets Made Easy

Most critical infrastructure environments contain some form of network and/or server cabinets. No matter where these cabinets may be — in IT/telecom closets, wall mounted above factory floors, in remote hallways and parkades, at remote shelters, or even in data centers — the consensus is clear: access control at the network or server cabinet is a common challenge.

Keyless access makes sense in these applications. When each cabinet should be controlled independently, that’s a lot of keys to get to people and a lot of fumbling through a keyring to find the right key for that specific rack. There are no keys to forget at home, leave in the car, or to lose!

Go Keyless

Teleporte makes it easy to go keyless from a cabinet with a traditional key system. A retrofit can often be done in less than 30 minutes. Pop the old one off and put an electric one in. Pair it with a Sera4 Lock Controller and optional AccessPad, and you’re done! No wiring to the door. No mess. No IT integration required.

Take out the old handle, add a new e-handle with a Sera4 Lock Controller and you’re done.

Then, as with all our access points, you get to know who is in your specific network or server cabinet, for how long, and you can grant or revoke digital keys from anywhere, instantly. There is no limit to the number or users, keys or access events to the solution. And there is no network required to operate the management platform.

Whether you start with 1 cabinet or 1000, the experience is the same and there is no capacity limit.

Contact us and we’ll share the full details of this process and help you through the steps.