Keyless Access Control

No physical keys

Higher security

No key depots

Lower service cost - Increased service capacity and speed

No user anonymity

Reduced theft and vandalism - Improved network reliability

Trusted access logs

Audit compliance lease rate adjustment

Real time access control

Decide who, when & where from anywhere


Integrate with existing NOC or standalone

Thousands of sites. Thousands of users. One network.


Teleporte is software package that provides all the tools to control access to your sites.

Server & API

Control access in real-time,
from any internet connected device.

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Mobile App

Download and use your digital keys
from you smartphone.

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Trust your data.
Trust your accesses.

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Keyless Locks and Controllers

Our hardware solutions allow our customers to connect their physical locks to our Teleporte access control solution.

Sera4 Keyless Lock Open

Keyless Hardware

Sera4 has developed industrial keyless locks and padlocks that come ready to be monitored and controlled from the Teleporte network.

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Keyless Lock Controller

Use our controllers to transform any electro-mechanical – or magnetic – lock into a
keyless lock that can be connected to the Teleporte access control platform.

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