Bring the Power of Keyless Access Control to Your Physical Assets

Your critical infrastructure is too important to entrust to mechanical keys. Getting the right access to the right people, right when they need it, can be the difference between compliance and non-compliance, happy customers and frustrated customers, or security and vulnerability.


Authenticate Identity

Issue electronic keys with the confidence of knowing that they won’t get into the wrong hands. An added benefit: people tend to behave better when their name is attached to their work, so you can trust your processes will be followed and your assets will be treated well.


Control All Accesses

The Teleporte platform consolidates access control across sites and assets, and includes hardware solutions for all types of physical access points, including cabinets, enclosures, shelters, and gates. Simplified administration for you, and simplified access for your users.

bank grade

Secure Your Stuff

We believe that your physical assets should be as secure as your information assets. Electronic keys plus identity authentication provides bank-grade security for your physical assets, leveraging the mobile devices people are already using.

Security Is in Our DNA

We understand the challenges of securing physical assets. From the beginning, we’ve focused on delivering reliable, secure, and simple keyless access control, and that’s why some of the world’s largest organizations trust us to protect their critical infrastructure.

  • Thousands of hours of wasted administrative time saved
  • Millions of keys issued
  • Thousands of access points, in some of the most remote areas of the world

How Does It Work?

Sera4 Keyless Access Control System
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Learn How We Can Help You Go Keyless

We believe that securing physical assets is as important as securing electronic assets, and we want to make it simple for you.

Take a Guided Tour

Our team will ask some questions to understand your needs, and give you a guided tour of our cloud-based keyless access control platform, Teleporte.

Choose Your Hardware

We have hardware to help you convert almost any lock to keyless, including padlocks and lock controllers. You can even implement a keyless solution alongside your existing keyed solution to help ease the transition.

Go Keyless With Confidence

It's the best of both worlds: convenience and security, without the headache of key management and the risk of mechanical keys.

Book a demo to see Sera4’s keyless access control solutions in action

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